Light and Energy Work

It’s All About Energy…
Yours, Mine, and the In-between

Being a "medium" or a conduit for energy is natural, normal, and culturally, we are often unconscious of it and the effects of it. You can feel joy, rested, cheerful, then something “happens,” and you feel tired, grouchy, depressed, “all used up”?

Energy is actual on every level. Scientists know this. It affects your everyday life whether you are conscious or unconscious of how that is occurring. Maybe it starts innocently with one of the following . . .

  • a regular day at work with clients, patients or co-workers
  • a “talk” with a friend or family member
  • an unexpected “kink” in your plans

It’s all about energy. The subtle energies you have, you use, and you pick up from others, often unconsciously, are constantly affecting your thoughts, emotions, and how you feel physically. There is a continual flow in and around us -- the more we are conscious and aware, the more we can make an intentional choice about how we are in relationship to ourselves and others in our everyday lives. Are YOU curious? Then come and learn more about how to see, feel, manage, and create a positive energy flow.