Reconnective Healing®

One of the intentions of Three Rivers Spirit is to empower each person to live their life according to their highest self. Reconnective Healing® is often a life changing experience which utilizes frequencies of Light to allow for the healing of Body, Mind, & Spirit. Having been trained as a Reconnective Healing® Practitioner, Miriam is able to offer a type of healing session that can bring you to a fuller realization of your own wholeness. As a result, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing can occur. As Light in action, this work is always connected to Spirit. These palpable energies are initiated by Miriam and guided by the client's highest self and the healing wisdom of Spirit. The work begins at the start of your session but it continues long after your visit has ended. You will continue attuning to your highest alignment and to the higher frequencies presented. Only choose to do this work with Miriam, if you want your life to change... it will.